The Red Communist Devil Colludes with Antifa to stage the American US “Reichstag fire”


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On the afternoon of January 6th, 2021, Eastern Time, as some MAGA protesters broke into the Capitol, Congress suspended the certification of the Electoral College votes. In the process, organized violence occurred, resulting in at least one female MAGA patriot being shot dead. Democrat Nancy Pelosi and others took the opportunity to launch an impeachment against President Trump again on the grounds of congressional riots. This is the American version of the Nazi “Reichstag fire”!

In the early hours of Thursday (January 7), Florida Republican Member of the House of Representatives Matt Gaetz expressed his outrage at the mob that took over the US Capitol on Wednesday. But Gaetz did not accuse Trump’s supporters. On the contrary, he hinted that members of the left-wing Antifa thugs secretly infiltrated the organization and caused the chaos.

A retired American military officer told The Washington Times that XRVision used its software to perform facial recognition on protesters and matched two Philadelphia Antifa members with two protesters in the Capitol.

Gaetz quoted an article published in the Washington Times as saying, “Some of the people who broke into the Capitol are not Trump supporters. They are masquerading to be Trump supporters but are members of the violent terrorist organization Antifa.”

Below are some screenshots of video evidence taken by MAGA members who participated in the peaceful demonstrations in the Capitol that day.

Exhibit 1: In the screenshot below, the people below the red line are peaceful demonstrators, and above the red line are the only people who provoke the police. The recorded voice in the video indicates that several MAGA members spotted the Antifa status of this person and shouted to alert all present.

When the Antifa member made physical contact with the police officer, a large number of police officers came to support him in the upper right corner, but apparently, the Antifa member wanted to amplify the incident and did not intend to give up provocative behavior. The evidence shows that Antifa deliberately provoked a confrontation between peaceful demonstrators and police officers.

Exhibit 2: In front of the Capitol gate, an Antifa member raised a hammer-like tool in his hand and repeatedly struck the glass on the Capitol window. The video screenshot shows that the glass has two cracks. The MAGA members in the background raised their phones to record evidence of vandalism. Some point their fingers at the saboteurs and shout “He is Antifa!” Before the saboteur was about to break the glass, a MAGA member with a red hat in the back reached out and grabbed the tool from the Antifa member. The evidence showed that real MAGA is against violence and law-abiding.

Exhibit 3: The police took the initiative to open the security guardrail in front of the Capitol, allowing the Antifa members who had mixed into the MAGA to rush into the building, and while leading the unknown MAGA members into the Congress. In the screenshot below, the police and the demonstrators are moving in the same direction, proving that the police did not intend to stop them, but deliberately allowing demonstrators into the Capitol. The man wearing a light blue pullover at the bottom waved his arms in front of the crowd, making a “Come in, Come in” gesture. The identity of this person is not clear, but his behavior is to encourage demonstrators to enter the Capitol. The evidence suggests that there was a coordinated attack on the Capitol between the police and Antifa.

Exhibit 4: The following video screenshot is from inside the building, showing the police officer does nothing to stop the crowd from entering the Capitol. It is not clear whether the police officer has firearms in his hands at this time, but judging from the video content, the police officer is intentionally guiding the demonstrators into the Capitol. It should be noted that the Chambers of the House of Representatives are on the second floor of the Capitol Building.

While running up the stairs, the police officer looked back from time to time to see if the crowd behind was keeping pace with him. The demonstrators behind did not show any dangerous behavior, but simply followed the police officer’s guidance up the stairs. The video provider pointed out that the demonstrators were dressed as Antifa members in front of them.

The video evidence proves that the police officers did not intend to prevent the demonstrators from entering the Chamber, and seemed to play the role of a “navigator”. Did the police collude secretly with Antifa? Please see exhibit 5.

Exhibit 5.: The video was taken showing police officers driving a bus full of Antifa members into the congressional demonstration procession in person. The evidence shows that at least there is a tacit understanding between the police and Antifa. So if these Black life matters members were allowed into the Capitol, they will be smashed and looted, and then all their actions will be blamed on Trump. BLM (Black Life Matters) members are paid for hire, because they are people without faith, then who is behind the hiring of these thugs?

Exhibit 6: Even if they are hired thugs, there are still patriots with a conscience. This is the case for Exhibit 6. In the screenshot below, a person who was moved by the conscience of the MAGA protesters took a video of himself and posts it online. He confessed that someone paid him to participate in the demonstration pretending to be MAGA and waited for the right moment to engage in violence. This proves that Antifa was deeply involved in the coupon Capitol Hill.

This series of operations feels incredibly familiar, the hidden power behind and well versed in the ways of planting evidence is none other than the Chinese Communist Party. For example, at about 14:00 on July 1st, 2019, there was an eye-catching violent incident in Hong Kong: protesters concentrated outside the Legislative Council, confronting the police, and continuing to strike for more than an hour. Some protesters rammed the glass door of the Legislative Council with a waste paper recycling iron trolley, breaking the glass. At about 16:00, several middle-aged radical protesters who had been pushing a trolley earlier suddenly disappeared. The vast majority of Hong Kong people believed that the people who attacked the glass door of the Legislative Council were CCP police disguised as peaceful protesters. This tactic is the same as the occupation of the Capitol today!

On July 1st, 2019, in Hong Kong, radical protesters rammed a glass door with a waste paper recycling trolley. (VIVEK PRAKASH/AFP/Getty Images)

All kinds of evidence show that the CCP acted behind the 2020 election and the conflicts in the Congress, They operated secretly or funded the operation. At this critical moment, President Trump will not back down and fight the evil forces to the end. With the support of 80 million voters, I believe that the moment of victory for justice will soon come!

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