The revolution of Whistleblowers start a new era of “eliminate the CCP with the truth of the coronavirus vaccines”


Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Kayla

Recently, more and more adverse vaccine reactions around the world have been reported. What is even more distressing is that many cases of “cerebral infarction” and “myocardial infarction” caused by vaccination continue to appear in our lives. In many countries, people have taken action to protest governments’ vaccination mandates.

Mr. Guo Wengui said in the live broadcast on September 4th that the plan to “eliminate the CCP with virus” was completed in May this year. Starting today, we will start the action of “eliminate the CCP with the truth of the COVID vaccines”. In today’s world, the threat of the vaccines to humans is far greater than the coronavirus. Our strategy is very clear, through the “eliminate the CCP with the truth of the COVID vaccines”, we will eliminate the threat of vaccines to the world. Prior to this, through a series of live broadcasts, Mr. Guo revealed the evil nature of vaccine politics and vaccine economy, and even pointed out that the CCP has the antidote to the virus and vaccine, which shocked the world.

Mr. Guo said, “In the past week, at every moment, I could feel the earth trembling. The world’s elites and politicians that I have seen all have deep fears and worries about the vaccines. A high-level leader of a certain country said that if his child dies because of the vaccination, he must retaliate. Society’s fear and hatred of vaccines can be seen.

Mr. Guo revealed that it was the CCP coronavirus vaccine took the life of the mother of Prime Minister Johnson. There was also a cabinet member of the Johnson government who expressed emotion to Mr. Guo that if the British government did not announce the suspension of vaccination, he would die with the Johnson government.

British Health Secretary Sajid Javid said on the 12th that the implementation of the “vaccine passport” program will be terminated in England. 

Reference: 2021年9月14日郭先生直播速记

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