The Second HNA Group! Mr. Miles Guo Once Again Reveals Peter Ma and Lufax


Translated by MOS Education — Xunchi

Lufax plays a critical role in the collusion between the Chinese Communist Party kleptocracy and the U.S. Wall Street interest groups and Peter Ma is the man behind this huge blood-sucking machine. Jack Ma’s Alibaba is simply not comparable to Lufax no matter in terms of volume or power. A number of capitals with strong political and business affiliation with the U.S. and Communist China, including Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, Teachers Retirement System of Texas, State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D, New York State Common Retirement Fund, California Public Employees Retirement System, and Ontario Teachers Pension Plan Board, have invested in Lufax!

Mr. Steve Bannon also mentioned before that the huge U.S. pension funds were trapped by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr. Miles Guo revealed it in great detail in the live broadcast that almost all the management teams of these U.S. retirement pension funds were controlled by the Chinese Communist Party through its BGY scheme, which resulted in their collusion and exchange of interests with Lufax. While sucking out tens and hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, the Chinese Communist party kleptocracy also successfully kidnapped Wall Street and the U.S. political and business community, and indirectly kidnapped the American people! Spare the rat to save the dishes. Bound together for good or ill, the U.S. has unwittingly become a blood transfuser and shareholder of the Chinese Communist Party’s evil interest chain, which are not normal commercial or financial operations at all. In the face of the totalitarian, gangster-style financial manipulation by the Chinese Communist Party, the U.S. is completely passive yet powerless and helpless to fight back!

Two dogs strive for a bone, the third runs away with it. The Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China in the world, vowing to take down the Chinese Communist Party, are alarming the world now! About Lufax, the financial empire that intertwines the political and business interests of the U.S. and Communist China, Mr. Miles Guo made a shocking statement at the end of the broadcast: “Peter will die because of Lufax!”

Proofread and Posted by Paratrooper

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