The Taiwan Military Successfully Carried Out Military Exercise No. 37 of Hanguang!


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Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that Taiwan’s military launched the annual Hanguang 37 exercise from the 13th to the 17th.  The objective is to examine the effectiveness of the Taiwan military’s strategic and tactical training in defending the CCP’s attack on Taiwan over the past year.

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In the early morning of the 15th, under the illusion of an exercise that simulated the bombing of the Pingdong Military Airport, various fighters and early warning aircraft of the Taiwan Air Force conducted tactical projects such as emergency landing, refueling, and emergency take-off at the “Jiadong” standby airport at the southernmost tip of Taiwan. At the same time, Taiwan’s naval ships also rushed out of the port. The minesweeper opened a safe channel, and the fleet drove to the designated place to gather to exercise the port bombing to avoid losing combat capability.  On the 16th, the Taiwan military will hold a joint anti-landing exercise of the three services in the Pingdong area.  In this exercise of Hanguang 37, Taiwan’s Xiongfeng II/III anti-ship missile mobile launching group will also participate in the live-fire exercise for the first time and verify its combat effectiveness.

The Hanguang exercise was originally a regular military exercise of the Taiwan army, but the exercises in recent years are more like pre-war rehearsals and tests of self-defense capabilities. After all, the CCP’s troops are suppressing the border and armed invasions of Taiwan may happen at any time.

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