The True Chinese Cultural Virtues Which I Believe In


Author: wmorpho | PR: shuibozhuliu | Editor: TCC | Page: Rain

By wmorpho

May 22, 2021

Benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and creditability are true Chinese traditional cultural virtues which I believe in since I was a child. It was my first social tactical lesson taught by my parents even though I didn’t understand them well then. What my parents told me, “Just try your best to follow them. The more you try, the more you understand and can be benefit from them.”

Since I trust my parents who are respectable people, I would like to follow their words and grow up to be that kind of person they expected. Just like what they said, the more I have tried, the more I have understood and the more I have benefited from these words over year. I believe I am a physically and mentally healthy adult and have a happy life now. I appreciate Chinese traditional cultural lesson what my parents have taught me and would like recommend it to the ones who have the same life values like mine.

While Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) evil red clouds covering mainland China since 1949, the CCP has ruined the 5000-year Chinese traditional culture badly and damaged social relationship and orders deeply. That is the main reason why so many Chinese people are experiencing cheating scandals and losing trust to people. To restore Chinese traditional culture could restore Chinese healthy social environment and the only way is to take down the Chinese Communist Party.

After over 70 years controlled by the CCP, the Chinese people are at its critical turning point. If the Chinese people do not stand up against the CCP now, we will be losing all advantageous virtues that our ancestors have passed to use, especially for those younger generation and generations to come. Moreover, we have seen the CCP has set the evil claws into the West and set its goal to become the world hegemony. Before knowing it, the West will be under the same cloud.

That is why there is an urgency to take down the CCP for good before it is too late.

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