The U.S. to Include Japan, South Korea, Germany, and India in the Five Eyes Alliance


Translated by: MOS Translation Team – LaoSan

KBS World and Chosun Media report that the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations Committee wants to include Japan, South Korea, India, and Germany into Five Eyes.

Five Eyes, formed after World War II, is an intelligence and resource-sharing alliance between the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

In this amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for the next year, the committee addressed that the threat against the alliance had changed. The United States should expand the partnership with the countries with the same democratic values against China, Russia, and North Korea.

In January 2020, Kyodo News Agency of Japan reported that Five Eyes Alliance intended to extend intelligence cooperation to combat the threat posed by North Korea. Japan hoped that Five Eyes would do the same in the Indo-Pacific region in the face of Communist China and use the USS 7th Fleet flagship Blue Ridge stationed at Yokosuka Naval Port as a command and coordination center. In mid-2020, Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono proposed that Japan could become the sixth eye.

Five Eyes might become Nine Eyes. Despite the outcome, it shows that the majority of the civilized countries have recognized the CCP as an imminent threat.


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