The US-Built Afghans Database Fell Into the Hands of the Taliban


Translated by: MOS Art Team – Redd

On September 8, it was reported that the database containing personal information of local Afghans now fell into the hands of the Taliban. The database was built by the United States which cost millions of dollars. The Taliban now uses this tool to monitor, suppress, and punish the Afghans who previously cooperated or worked for the United States.

The U.S. has been collecting biometric data of the Afghans since 2006, which included fingerprints, iris, and facial pictures of Afghans. The United States shares the data with the Afghan government to support the country’s infrastructure. Since Kabul was taken over by the Taliban on August 15, there were some reports stating that the primary goal of building the database in Afghanistan was to implement the rule of law and supervise the Afghan government.  

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