The Whistleblower Movement Exposed the Antidote to the CCP virus


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In the past two weeks, Mr. Guo Wengui has conducted a series of high-intensity, high-quality intensive live broadcasts to deeply analyze the unknown and evil conspiracy behind the CCP virus and its vaccine, as well as the antidote held by the CCP — artemisinin, ivermectin, oxytetracycline, hormone drugs-dexamethasone, and neutralizing antibodies B-NAB and D-NAB. This series of revelations has aroused strong responses from all walks of life in global politics, finance, and medicine. Ivermectin and the critically ill life-saving drug dexamethasone, have been personally verified by a group of revolutionary whistleblowers who unfortunately contracted the disease and effectively saved their lives. These surviving medical professionals around the world have appealed to medical regulatory agencies to authorize ivermectin for the treatment of the CCP virus. The Chinese Communist Party has now faced tremendous pressure in the international arena.

On September 4, local time, the official propaganda agency of the Communist Party of China, CCTV, issued a news report that said China National Pharmaceutical Group released the world’s first COVID-19 specific immunoglobulin injection, referred to as “Coronavirus Special Immunity”, and claimed that it has been granted approval of clinical trials by the Communist Party of China and the United Arab Emirates. The news pointed out that “Coronavirus Special Immunity” is prepared from plasma containing high titer COVID-19 antibodies as raw materials and contains high titer SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies. In addition, China National Pharmaceutical Group Corp will also launch monoclonal antibodies against the “CCP Virus” as short-term prevention for high-risk groups and treatment of diseases after viral infections.

In just a few days after the antidote was revealed, the Chinese authorities hurriedly announced its antidote, a specific neutralizing antibody. However, we should note that the announcement of this news just verifies that the information held by Mr. Guo Wengui and his whistleblowers behind the movement is accurate and timely.

The development of new drugs is a long process, ranging from several years to decades. The evaluation criteria for monoclonal antibodies, plasma neutralizing antibodies, and other biological agents are more stringent and the development cycle is often longer. In the past 70 years, pharmaceutical companies under the Chinese Communist Party system did not have an original drug on the market, but in less than two years since the epidemic began to rage around the world, they developed an antidote to the virus. This fact that is contrary to its drug research and development capabilities points to the advanced layout of the CCP’s systemic engineering of the virus and research and development of antidotes.

In the face of the double conspiracy of the virus and the vaccine being gradually exposed, the international community’s full accountability of the CCP has also begun; the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China are the vanguards leading this just cause.

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