There’re 2 generation gaps between peers

  • Translation and comment: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: JIHO

The author of this article, Mr. Zhang Peng, was a forensic doctor in the UK. He had his education in mainland China until the graduation from the university. The experience he had and his analysis reflected the general consent of overseas Chinese who grew up in China under CCP’s regime.  It is not the overwhelming culture differences that made the 2 generation gaps between us and some of the classmates in China, but the gaps in thought and the world view, which are even greater than the gap between life and death.

Here’s Mr. Zhang’s story:

Due to differences in ideological concepts, I used to debate with some classmates, but recently my enthusiasm has completely faded because I discovered that there are actually two generation gaps between me and these classmates.

If there is only one generation gap, it would be still meaningful for the two sides to debate. But if there are two generation gaps, then all the debates are meaningless, because neither side can understand what the other side is talking about. It’s just like chicken and duck talk, not only waste of time also emotional hurt.

Why are there two generation gaps between peers? Below is my analysis.

The first generation gap: the difference in information

Whether it’s concerned of classmates of elementary school, middle school or university, we all shared the same social environment and education system at the time, and our ideas at the time were almost the same. There was no any generation gap between us.

But many years after graduation, some of the students did not change anything from what they have been educated or indoctrinated at school as their roots and stuck to those ideas while others (I am one of them) “forgot their roots” because our ideas, including world outlook, values, and outlook on life have undergone earth-shaking changes, and the generation gap between classmates has arisen.

Back then, we were all Red Little Soldiers,Red Guards or Communist Youth League. Our hearts were only for Red Communist. We believed that everything we had was the greatest, the brightest, and the ultimate correct. On the contrary, everything else un-communist were the enemy and everything about enemy was the dirtiest, most decayed, and the darkest.

My first change occurred after I went abroad, because the facts I saw differed greatly from the information I originally received.  So the first generation gap between me and those classmates developed. I regard those classmates who stayed in place intact are the “backward generation”, and they refer me as the “generation poisoned by the West.”

This generation gap is mainly caused by huge differences in facts or information. It turned out that my classmates and I were in the same “well” where we could only see a very small portion but we thought that’s the entire of the sky. We thought that the sky was only that big and we were able to see it all. So we were all very proud.

Later, I’ve been to more than 50 countries and regions and also managed foreign businesses and employees around the world, which is equivalent to having been to more than 50 wells. No doubt the world of 50 odds wells I see now and the world of one well I saw then are of the different dimensions.

The second generation gap: the difference in cognition

Later, after many years of in-depth research on the reasons for the differences in systems, cultures, economies, and concepts of different countries in the world, I found that these reasons can be attributed to differences in cognitive models, or differences in ways of thinking.

To my surprise, I found out that my original way of thinking was completely wrong. This discovery made me shuddered. This is equivalent to me using a ruler to measure the world before, and then I was told that the scales of the ruler I used were all wrong.

I finally realized that when we were studying at schools with my classmates, we adopted an irrational way of thinking. When we observe and think about the world, our perspective was oriented by love or hatred, good or bad, and ally and foe. We used preference thinking. We didn’t care about the facts or not, we only care about whether towards to the enemy or ourselves. That was our unique way of thinking.

It is not difficult to see that under such circumstances, when people disagree with each other, they could only express by cursing, and whenever there’s an argument, it meant to hurt each other emotionally.  That’s why in many cases, people are afraid to talk about true and false, because in doing so, may end up with huge conflicts and even catastrophe.

Later, when I went to work in the UK as a forensic doctor, my work experience forced me to abandon my original way of thinking, because irrational ways of thinking were difficult for me to handle the work. I had to learn to use a way of thinking that does not belong to the unique Chinese way, that is, to use rational thinking, in simple terms, to observe and analyze the world through facts and logic. Thisthen developed the second generation gap.

If the first generation gap can be filled by adding information, then in the face of the second generation gap, there is nothing to do with the amount of information. What it requires is to completely negate previous practices in the way of thinking. For most people, this is an obstacle that hard to overcome in a lifetime.

Many Chinese who have lived abroad for many years simply cannot overcome this second obstacle.  Therefore, there is still this generation gap between me and them living overseas.

So, what is the biggest distance between people? It is not age, nor gender, class, race, or diploma, but the way of thinking.

Zhang Peng’s conclusion draw me to think of whistleblower movement fighters. Even if there are millions of Chinese abroad, yet we are facing these two generation gaps.  But we are hand in hand with the hundreds of millions of fighters inside the wall of China under the CCP steel grips. They joined the whistleblower movement as they are pursuing the same mission as overseas Chinese to take down the CCP. They have the same faith on the New Federal State of China, which will guarantee

  • everyone enjoys the fruits of their hard labour;
  • to own your own property,
  • to have freedom, democracy,
  • and to have faith and freedom of worship.

In the live broadcast on September 5, Miles Guo once again talked about the image of his comrade-in-arms in his heart, which is also the standard of a good person to his judgement: they are of faith, keen on pursuing, and full of fun. They should never resemble the image of CCP tyrants- provoking, arrogant and corrupt.

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