Traditional Chinese Teaching which Matches the Way of Universe & Human Nature – Part 5


The classics and history are not really the core values of the Chinese nation.  In the Analects of Confucius, there is a phrase summarizing the general framework of traditional Chinese culture and education that is “Acquire high ideals, Cultivate fine virtue, Cherish humane benevolence, Mould noble sentiment”. These are the essence of the real traditional Chinese education, and it is extensive and profound to learn.

First, we need to set the right ambition and adjust our motivation and direction of study. Looking for a good job is people’s ambition today, which is too low to cultivate elites. Acquiring high ideals in traditional culture is concentration on the Dao and aspiration to the Way, which is, resolving to master the laws of Universe and human nature and applying it to everything in our life. For tea culture, it is the Way of tea; for business, it is the Way of commerce; for treatment, it is the Way of healing; for floral arrangement, it is the Way of flower; for writing, it is the Way of lettering. Since everything could be applied, so realizing the Way and being enlightened is significantly important.

Second, we need to stick to fine virtue in our conduct, that is, act in accordance with the Way of Universe. When fully in accordance is called great virtue and when completely out of line is called unethical or immoral.

Third, we need to comply with our inner benevolence. We all heard of apricot kernel and peach kernel, it is the seed of apricot and peach. When we plant the seed of peach, it will grow into a real peach tree, of the same kind. So the kernel is the gene or the seed of peach. Cherishing humane benevolence is about to comply with our inner benevolence, to identify our potential and to give full play to our talents. Basically there is no tailored teaching to individual needs in the current education system and the uniformity of material and examination has buried countless talents.

Last, we need to seek relaxation and enjoyment in the fine arts. When we realize our inner talent, we are going to practice on this every single day until we are able to roam in the fine art, which is the realm of perfection with effortless artistry. 

When we meet these four characteristics, we will be the elites.  The Jews do the same thing, it does not matter what field, regardless of decent job or not, as long as you find what you like, and put great effort on it to become the first in the world, you will have great achievement and you are great talent. Did our ancestors’ education cultivate the elite? Mount your horse and you would lead your troops to war. Dismount and you would secure and settle your country. In governing the country, regulating family and managing business, nothing is bad. Nowadays, many people worship all things foreign, that is, the ignorant is fearless!

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Author:Lily  心灵感应

Translator: Squirrel

Original opinion article by Himalaya Vancouver GFarm – 2021/01/09