Troops in Disguise Enters Beijing, Zhongnan Pit Is in a Mess, Shanghai Is Waiting for the Right Moment for Actions


Mr. Miles Guo, in his January 5 Getter Video, disclosed the intelligence he got from inside the CCP: many troops in disguise secretly entered Beijing from 7 different directions; Zhongnan Pit is in a mess; CCP’s economy has declined by 50% in all sectors; Shanghai is waiting for the right moment for actions.

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It is such a mess. In Beijing, many fellow fighters suddenly disappeared. Then I found out what happened: some of our fellow fighters’ phones lost connection. Some emergency happened in Beijing. Yesterday, many troops in disguise secretly entered Beijing from the south, west, southeast, northeast, north, and northwest [of Beijing]. From seven different directions, many troops in disguise entered Beijing. What happened? What was going on? 


People from inside of China sent me a message, “Mr. Guo, could we show each other some grace? And about Lude, could you let him keep his mouth shut? We still have room [for negotiation]. We give each other some leeway.” It means that they are saving our face and we can still make peace with each other. However, I had no idea about what Lude had said. I immediately texted Lude, “What did you say, Lude? Tell me about it.” I said, “you are indeed making trouble for me, and I am cleaning it up for you.” I really didn’t know what he said. I really didn’t know. Of course, later I figured out from which channel Lude got the information. There was a fellow fighter that “betrayed” me and sent the information to Lude rather than me, which is outrageous.      

这个国内今天有人给我发信息:“哎,郭先生,咱不能把事儿搞绝了啊。还有那个路波切,让他就别说啦、别说啦。我们还有空间啊,咱们都留着空间呐。” 意思还给我们留面子,还可以讲和啊。但是路德那边讲,我都不知道路德讲啥。后来我赶快发[信息],我说:“路德,你讲啥啊,路德给我说一说。”我说:“你这真是,你惹麻烦七哥给你背锅。”我真不知道他讲啥,我真不知道。当然啦,后来我就知道路德是哪方面来的渠道啊。这个有战友“出卖”七哥,把这个情报给路德不给我,不像话。

Well, I will not talk more about the domestic finance in China. For the economy, I will tell you a simple figure. Our fellow fighter in the Bureau of Statistics told me, “Brother Seven, you probably won’t believe at all about I’m gonna tell you.” He said that in the past 4 months every sector of the economy has declined by 50%. Bad debts in banks have increased by 50%, and that is on the top of the previous 40%. Fellow fighters, now in China, the bad debts in banks account for 65 to 70%. It is said that if the real estate collapses, everything will be over, and if the real estate doesn’t collapse, everything will still be over just at a slower pace.  

但是呢,国内的金融我就不多说了。经济,大家我就告诉大家最简单的一个数字。统计局的战友告诉我说,他说:七哥可能你根本…我跟你说你都不相信。他说:过去这四个月,任何一样[经济]往下跌幅都是拦腰斩。银行的烂账在过去的40[%]基础上又拦腰斩。战友们,现在大家现在国内的银行烂账65 – 70[%]左右。说房地产要倒,一切全完。房地产不倒,一切就是慢点完。

It is said that the Zhongnan Pit is in a mess: it ordered some data two hours ago, then after two hours it called to use some other data, and after another two hours, the big head (President Xi) would say, “The data are not good and need to be tweaked.” Everyone is at a loss. The rolling pin [fake economy] has been used so frequently that everyone is in panic and not even knowing how to use it anymore.   


But the Whistleblower Movement doesn’t want the Chinese people to live in dire straits. The Whistleblower Movement is happy about this [situation] because the mess of the CCP is the opportunity for us.  


With the limited ability, the CCP doesn’t know that God’s will is indeed standing with the Whistleblower Movement. So many people suddenly got sick, and so many people were killed. Now it is really chaotic. I heard that Shanghai is now waiting for the right moment to take actions. Now, there are people who want to be the mantis…catching the cicada while the oriole is hiding from behind, but the oriole is not necessarily the winner. After I mentioned this yesterday, about the “mantis catching snake”, “mantis catching rat” and “mantis catching bird”, our fellow fighters were really awesome, they figured it all out. It is not a mantis trying to stop a chariot or a mantis trying to stop it using its arm. The mantis ought to eat the snake, then whose animal zodiac is snake? Whose animal zodiac is snake? Whose animal zodiac is rat? I asked you to look into it, but some of you didn’t get it.    


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