Trump-GETTR Negotiation Ongoing, Discussion May Include Equity in GETTR


Translated by: MOS Fitness Group – Lightyear

On August 31, AXIOS exclusively reported: the 45th President Trump has not yet joined any social media platform. However, he has been in discussion with GETTR to the extent that acquiring equity is likely part of the conversations, and everything is a negotiation point. This may be perceived that President Trump is actively planning his return to social media platforms.

As of today, GETTR has already gained over two million registered users, of which a substantial amount are non-US users. The number of users from Brazil has also seen great growth. Jason Miller, the CEO of GETTR, has stated that GETTR will never share or sell user data. GETTR is also planning to establish a financial service platform down the line, which would allow its users to give payments and rewards to the content creators they want to support. These new features for the social media app are bound to attract more users to join GETTR. Furthermore, GETTR is a platform that aims to spread truths with no censorship. At the moment, with all mainstream media vehemently suppressing the truths about COVID-19 and the vaccines, GETTR’s unparalleled value and market prospects are highlighted.

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