U.S. soldiers sued the Department of defense and federal health agencies over mandatory military vaccination orders


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According to a report by uncoverdc.com on September 7th, US Army Sergeant Daniel Robert and US Marine Corps Sergeant Holly Mulvehill filed a lawsuit against three federal agencies on August 17, questioning the enforcement of the military covid vaccination plan.

The lawsuit is directed against: the Ministry of National Defense, the Ministry of Health and Human Services, and the Food and Drug Administration, requesting exemptions for military personnel who have previously been infected with the coronavirus and have been naturally immunized against the covid vaccine.

Secretary of Defense Austin issued a memorandum on August 25, ordering all troops to be vaccinated compulsorily from September 15. The Navy became the first service to be enforced with a time limit for vaccination, and the Army and Air Force were given deadlines immediately. According to Army Regulation 40-562 (“AR 40-562”), based on serological tests or evidence of immunity, military personnel who have acquired natural immunity after being infected with the virus have the right to apply for medical exemption. On August 30, the plaintiff immediately asked the judge in the Colorado region to issue an emergency temporary restraining order to prevent the Department of Defense from vaccinating natural immunized soldiers, stating that the vaccine would cause serious harm to their immune bodies. On September 1, the judge rejected the plaintiff’s request.

It is reported that the trial date has not yet been set for the lawsuit. Soldiers are the elite of a country, and their physical health is the fundamental guarantee for national security and national interests. Under the current vaccine injunction situation, American soldiers are fully aware of the dangers of vaccines and have taken up legal weapons to defend their rights. As Mr. Miles Guo stated before, the US government will gradually wake up, only when American soldiers begin to resist.

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美国士兵就军队强制疫苗接种令起诉国防部和联邦卫生机构 – GNEWS

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