UPDATE: GOOGLE Overlords Remove Free Speech App ‘Parler’ Because Trump Joined, its CEO Supports Freedom


UPDATE: GOOGLE Overlords Remove Free Speech App ‘Parler’ Because Trump Joined It


As we reported earlier this evening, Google and Apple were threatening to ban the free speech app, ‘Parler’, from their app stores within 24 hours if it did not comply with anti-American regulations against free speech.

Now, Google has made good on their dystopian promise because president Donald Trump reportedly joined the platform after being banned from Twitter for thought crimes.  But, so far Parler has not backed down from their constitutional free-speech principles.  We recommend highly that you switch from Twitter to Parler asap.

This comes amid countless other bannings on social media platforms in recent years, months.  In fact, perhaps thousands of accounts have been purged in just the past few days, including General Flynn and Sidney Powell from Twitter.  Such escalations are part of the globalist establishment Great Reset color revolution.  They will only accelerate from here.

Our conservative accounts won’t last much longer on Facebook and Twitter. Please follow 100 Percent Fed Up on Parler HERE

Be prepared for serious escalations by political, tech, and media overlords, and follow us on Parler for updates.