Update: Israeli Health Expert Says Fourth Dose of C.C.V. Vaccine Needed


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The British Daily Mail reported on Sept. 5, In an interview with Kan Public Radio on Saturday, Israel’s coronavirus czar Salman Zakar called for preparations for a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine. He said the Delta variant is increasing and spreading at an alarming rate. The number of cases, hospitalizations, and Covid-related deaths is expected to increase. Since the virus exists and will continue to be present, it is important to prepare for a fourth injection. Zarca believes that booster shots will be available in late 2021 or early 2022.
He also said because of the continued emergence of new variants of the virus and the weakening of the vaccine and antibodies, another shot may be needed every five to six months or a year thereafter.” This is our life from now on, with a twist.”
Israel has been offering booster vaccinations for people over 60 since July and has expanded the booster shots to all people over 12 who have already received two doses. Till last Friday, more than 2.5 million people nationwide had received their third shots of the vaccine.
Since mid-August, the country has got the highest infection rate in the world, despite being one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world with the most recent wave of infections. A record of 1,892 infections per million people was recorded in Israel last Wednesday, according to statistics compiled by Our World of Data, a research team supported by Oxford University.
Many developed countries continue to mandate vaccination against the coronavirus, despite the fact that it continues to prove useless. Only the extermination of the Chinese Communist Party, the driving force behind CCP COVID vaccines, can save humanity from destruction.





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