US House To Discuss the National Defence Authorization Act To Increase Taiwan’s Self-defence Capability


September 3, 2021

In the article from Taiwan News on September 1st, 2021, the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services discussed the setup of the National Defence Authorization Act (NDAA) for the fiscal year 2022 on Wednesday.

Comparing to the maintenance of the status quo for Taiwan and Beijing relationship in the Senate’s version of the NDAA 2022 approved on July 23, this draft bill showed “under the Taiwan Relations Act, Taiwan should be assisted in its ability to resist any force or other form of coercion that might endanger the security or social or economic system in Taiwan,” according to Channel News Asia.

Not only being the “Silicone Valley West” of the U.S., Taiwan also locates at the Pacific front defence line of the U.S. in maintaining the safety of the South China Sea. Taiwan’s geopolitical position is of paramount importance, especially during the increased tension between the U.S. and China.

Mr. Miles Guo has warned that Beijing has made its decision to take over Taiwan through its drones, missiles, and submarines. If the US does not take the warning seriously and gain the upper hand in the situation, the US would lose her position in world leadership to the Chinese Communist Party.

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