Vaccine Companies Announced the Oral Medication Will be Rolled Out for Use With Coronavirus Vaccines


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Governments, in cooperation with vaccine companies, are implementing vaccine coercion policies that have incurred a growing public backlash. As the Whistleblower Movement has made the antidote to the CCP virus public, major vaccine companies are turning their attention to the market for oral drugs to treat the CCP virus in order to maintain their market monopoly and take advantage of the epidemic to reap high profits. On Wednesday, Pfizer announced that an oral drug used in conjunction with the vaccine, which is in Phase II clinical trials, is expected to be launched by the end of this year.

Image Source: Reuters

The drug is presented as “an oral protease inhibitor antiviral therapy” for symptomatic patients who are not hospitalized and are not risking serious illness. But this did not dispel the public’s concerns about the vaccine, and instead raised more questions. The stock market also showed a lukewarm response to the news. Some said that if the vaccine really works, why do we need drugs to go with it? Others have shared a list of drugs that have been proven effective in treating the CCP virus, including ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine sulfate, and artemisinin, and have questioned why new, higher-priced drugs should be developed since cheap, safe drugs are already available.

The fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement risked their lives to disclose the CCP’s secret virus antidote to the world through Mr. WenGui on behalf of the New Federal States of China, which will surely thwart the plans of the CCP and monopolistic big pharmaceutical companies to harvest the profits around the world with the vaccine economy, thus putting an end to this man-made virus disaster 

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Pfizer, Merck launch new trials of oral COVID-19 drugs

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