[VIDEO] L.A. Soros DA Allegedly Dismissed Case Against BLM Protesters Who Nearly Derailed A Train ON VIDEO, Retaliated Against Prosecutor Seeking Their Convictions


As we have previously noted numerous times, globalists and leftists have united in the coup against America.  One tactic they are using to disintegrate the American societal fabric is unequal application of law.  This is especially effective when installing far-left radical District Attorneys.

In recent years, but especially since 2020, such district attorneys–often funded by George Soros–have been disregarding and dismissing cases against violent and tyrannical Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters and criminals by the thousands across the country in most large progressive cities.  This is a large reason why violent crimes, like homicides, have skyrocketed in 2020 and 2021.

Los Angeles is run by a radical far-left Soros D.A. named George Gascon who doesn’t prosecute most crimes if they are committed by Antifa or BLM.

A particularly heinous incident has come to light in LA County, California that few have reported. In November, three Black Lives Matter protesters laid barricades across train-tracks in Los Angeles County, California. Black Lives Matter–who the left erroneously claims is a peaceful organization seeking to help black people–was so smitten with the alleged criminals, they created the #FreeEman hashtag in support of at least one of them, Emanual Padilla.

Surveillance video allegedly showing suspects dragging a barricade across train tracks.

As you will see in the video, below, despite surveillance video evidence, admission from at least one suspect, and first-hand eye-witnesses, the prosecutor unceremoniously dismissed the case against all three suspects.

The suspects had placed a barricade across train tracks which would have likely derailed a train that came rushing by just 15 seconds after police officers hastily removed the barricade.  But that isn’t the end of the story. Recently-installed Soros District Attorney, George Gascon of LA County then sought retribution against prosecutor, Richard Doyle, who attempted to bring the three alleged felons to justice.

This month, FOX 11 LA obtained additional evidence implicating both Gascon and at least one of the suspects, raising serious questions.  This includes recorded conversations with one suspect’s lawyer who claims connections to Gascon as well as surveillance footage of the incident itself.

The full story can be read at Fox 11 LA.