Video: Man With Soup Can Proves Trump Right After He was Repeatedly Mocked by MSNBC Anchors


He’s right again! President Trump was right the entire time he was mocked by MSNBC’s Joy Reid and others for claiming BLM/Antifa thugs were using soup cans to assault police during riots.

A CNN clip in the video below shows a Minneapolis rioter hold up a soup can and wink at the camera as he says the soup is “for my family”…The man is arrogantly mocking as he’s holding the can.
The video is fantastic because it cuts away from the man holding up the can to President Trump, saying the rioters were using soup cans as weapons to assault police. It gets better; the video then shows MSNBC anchors mocking Trump for saying the soup cans are weapons. He was right!

The soup can is bad enough, but someone needs to tell these MSNBC anchors that the BLM/Antifa rioters are using Molotov cocktails too.