Vietnam Met with Chinese and Japanese Representatives on the Same Day but Reached a Military Trade Agreement with Japan


Translated by MOS Gourmet Group – Chevalier

On September 11, Japan’s Defence Minister Nobuo and Vietnam’s Minister of Defence Phan Van Giang met and reached an agreement. The two sides concluded an agreement on the export of defence equipment, in order to jointly defend the East China Sea and the South China Sea, in response to increasing military pressure from the CCP. This agreement marks a “new stage” for cooperation between the two countries.

On the same day, on the afternoon of September 11, Vietnamese Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. According to Vietnamese media reports, Vietnam requires China to abide by the consensus of the two sides and international law, properly handle and control disputes, maintain a peaceful and stable maritime environment, and ensure the safety of navigation and free access to airspace.

The CCP has been domineering in the South China Sea for a long time, and conflicts with Vietnam in the waters have never stooped. This time, on the same day that Vietnam received Wang Yi’s visit, the talk with Nobuo Kishi had reached an agreement between the two sides. The diplomatic intentions are obvious: Wang Yi had to swallow his pride and return to China.


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