Wang Xishan Fled from Beijing to His Own Territory


Communist China’s Vice President Wang Qishan attended in person at the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2021 in Hainan, China, on Tuesday. Before Xi Jinping gave a speech, Wang made a short introduction. “I am here not for giving an opening speech. But our head of state, President Xi Jinping, is going to give one at this year’s opening ceremony… … My role here will be just a temporary host now, but this temporary host is also important,” he said sourly.

  • Wang put an alternate meaning behind what he said, and he wants to make Xi Jinping responsible for everything.
  • Without Wang, Xi would not have risen to power in the first place, nor would he be able to hold on to the throne now.
  • Wang’s remarks indirectly reveal infighting within Chinese Communist Party leadership.  
  • Wang must be happy to escape Beijing to his own land, Hainan finally.  And Yulin Naval Base is in Hainan; Is it possible for Wang to escape by submarine?

Xi later delivered a keynote speech with the theme of “Pulling Together Through Adversity and Toward a Shared Future for All” via video at the opening ceremony.

  • Xi said that Communist China would never seek hegemony, expansion or spheres of influence and that decoupling benefits no one,  possibly frightened by the recent moves by the United States.