War Room: Pandemic Ep 641 summary

  • Editor: Ranting
  • Author: Jenny Ball

Trump say, this movement is at the very beginning stage.

Jack Maxey: When Washington cross the Hudson in that fog one afternoon and saved his army, it didn’t mean it was over. We love this country and were sticking in it for the long haul. And I don’t think people should be overly depressed now.

Bannon: brother Josh Hawley, the entire MAGA movement has your back. Your book is going to be giant enormous, on that one I guarantee.

Midgi, the problem is we don’t cancel people. We don’t go off in and participate in the cancel culture. I just found this story that CNN reporter is going after cable companies for carrying Ocean News Max, Fox so where are we going to end up if we don’t have access to other alternative information, which is going to be somebody believes in the first Amendment.

Steve Cortes Salem Radio Host: Michelle Obama is a graduate of Harvard law school but apparently she decided the Bill of rights because she wants to permanently censor the President of United States across social media platforms. She says now is the time for silicon valley companies to stop enabling this monstrous behavior.

She realizes the power of Donald Trump when he communicates directly with the American people because the monstrous behavior she referred is winning elections with 75 million voters.

To take on the oligarchs, we need to show the force of the American people.

Raheem: Just as ever it’s always incredible that when they feel threatened, they’ll stop at anything to make themselves feel secure, but when the country is burning down businesses or people going out of business, people killing themselves because they can’t put rub two nickels together right now, they’ll do nothing.

This morning on CNN Alyssa Farah said everything about the post-election of voter fraud, ballot fraud, election frauds all lie.

John Eastman: I would walk her through three categories of examples:

  • 5 different petitions before the supreme court acknowledged violations of state election law by non-legislative officials either at the county level or at the state level in the executive breach and in Pennsylvania’s case in the judicial breach.
  • The result of those changes we have thousands and thousands of ballots that were illegally processed.
  • invalid under state election law, got rid of major check against fraud in the conduct of ballots.

For somebody like her to say that it’s a lie is to ignore all of that, calling it a lie, as if it didn’t happen is shuffle something under the rug, that’s gonna deprive us of our ability to have fair elections in the future. 

It’s clear that the law was violated and the question is what are we supposed to do about that, and the thing speaks for itself. If you ran a clean election, then you want people to look at it and say see it’s clean. Why have they been so hesitant to work with people to actually get to the facts?

Brother of Ashli Babbitt, who was killed in Capitol on 6 Jan, he’s talking about his sister, he says, “14 years to me, that’s the majority of your conscious adult life. If you feel like you gave the majority of your life to your country and you’re not being listened to, that is a hard pill to swallow and that’s why she was so upset.”

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