Whistleblower Movement Continues to Expose CCP’s Tyranny, Over Half of the Americans Support Sending Military to Defend Taiwan


Translated by: MOS Fitness Team – Huluwà

A new survey released by a U.S. think tank on August 26, shows that 52 percent of the Americans support the U.S. sending military to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese Communist Party invasion. That is the highest survey rate recorded since the question was first asked in 1982. The questionnaire also showed that 65% of respondents would support Taiwan’s joining international organizations, 57% would support signing a U.S.-Taiwan free trade agreement, 53% would support a formal U.S.-Taiwan alliance, and 46% would support a clear commitment to send military to defend Taiwan in the event of a Chinese Communist Party invasion.

The Chinese Communist Party has betrayed its commitment in recent years to the Sino-British Joint Declaration. Instead, it has imposed a dictatorial tyranny on Hong Kong and increased its military and diplomatic pressure on Taiwan. Mr. Guo Wengui and the Whistle Blower Movement have been continued exposing the truth of CCP’s ravaging of Hong Kong and using blue, gold, and yellow conspiracy plans to infiltrate Taiwan for over four years. More and more Americans are realizing the evil of the Chinese Communist Party and the importance of keeping democratic institutions in Taiwan.

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