White House Supports Regulating Tech Platforms for ‘Harms that They Cause’


Translated by: MOS  Gourmet Team-AlexZ

On October 6, the White House expressed support for further regulations of social media technology platforms, in response to the hearing of the Facebook whistleblower in Congress.

Former Facebook product manager Haugen, in his testimony to Congress, warned of Facebook’s impact on mental health and political division. She said that Facebook has always resolved conflicts in a way that benefits its own interests, but the result has caused more divisions, more lies, and more struggles.

The White House Press Secretary Psaki responded in the White House’s daily press conference that “The President has long said, as you referenced, that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms that they cause.” The Biden administration was a “strong supporter” of reforming the technology platform and would “put on the table” the reform of “Section 230”, privacy reform, transparency, and antitrust laws for action.

Source: https://www.breitbart.com/tech/2021/10/07/white-house-endorses-regulating-tech-platforms-for-harms-that-they-cause/

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