WHO Issues Document to Clear the Way for Vaccine Passports The Behind Scenes Is Coming out to the Surfaces


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WHO today released a guidance document for digital vaccine certificates based on blockchain technology that will be used to guide countries in implementing vaccine passports, according to National Pulse.

 The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which is providing financial support for the project, is also a member of the Global Vaccine Initiative. Gates Foundation, which is also a major sponsor of vaccine development in countries around the world, is funding the project.    

The document introduces the concept of creating a Digital Document for Communist Virus Certificates (DDCC). The DDCC will use blockchain technology to creates digital records of vaccination status, history of infection with the CCP virus, and test results. All this information will be used in ongoing care, proof of vaccination, or for certain purposes other than healthcare. This is the vaccine e-passport as commonly known. The document also provides guidance on the infrastructure, digital verification process, and even “ethical standards” related to vaccine passports. The document also emphasizes that this mechanism is not limited to the use of the CCP pandemic but can also be used for other pandemics.

The reporter found that the WHO document was funded by the Gates Foundation, the Estonian government, the Botnall Foundation, the State of Kuwait, and the Rockefeller Foundation. Among them, the Gates Foundation had been exposed by Mr. Wengui Guo, the purpose in cooperation with the CCP and the Russian government is to monopolize global biotechnology and control the world with viruses and vaccines. The claims of releasing viruses, developing vaccines, and then vaccine passports, which were once considered conspiracy theories, are being verified as facts step by step. 

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