Why did North Korea reject almost 5 million doses of free vaccines?


September 2, 2021

Kim Jong Un (Photo:Reuters)

During a time when any government would be rushed to obtain experimental vaccines in order to ‘overcome’ the impacts of COVID, North Korea leader Kim Jong Un has turned down 2.97 million doses offered by the UN-backed COVAX program on Tuesday. Earlier this year, North Korea already rejected 2 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines.

North Korea has so far reported zero cases of COVID-19; however, in June, Kim “blasted the ‘chronic irresponsibility and incompetence’ of the officials, saying they brought ‘tremendous harm’ to the country,” reported Insider.

North Korea is one of the communist allies led by Communist China.  With the rejection of a total of 5 million free doses of vaccines, it seems that North Korea is wary of the growing number of adverse side-effects surrounding these experimental vaccines, while the West remains ignorant and blind to the mounting evidence.

To read the source, please click : North Korea rejects almost 3 million doses of Sinovac vaccine, saying it should be given to countries that need it more

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