Why did Qin Gang, “the Son-in-law Ambassador,” Become Angry?


Translated by: MOS Fitness — Lightyear

After seemingly ending “wolf war diplomacy,” the CCP sent Qin Gang as its new ambassador to the United States. Since taking office in August, Qin Gang has consistently demonstrated his modest image of “calling for the restart of China-US conversation” and “reshaping the relationship between China and the United States as major powers.” On August 31, local time, in his first public speech, Qin Gang changed his “war sheep” image and accused the current U.S. government of continuing the “extreme China policy” adopted by the previous administration, threatening the U.S. not to go down this track.

photo from http: www.china-embassy.org

Mr. Miles Guo pointed out that the only task assigned to Qin Gang by the CCP was to “solve the virus and vaccine issues,” to compel the United States into submission, and restart the China-U.S. conversation. However, in the past three weeks, Mr. Miles Guo made a series of live broadcasts, primarily exposing the antidotes to the Chinese Communist virus and its vaccine-artemisinin, ivermectin, oxytetracycline, as well as B-NAB and D-NAB. Drugs such as dexamethasone completely revealed all the bargaining chips the CCP had issued to Qin Gang. Qin Gang knew that he had exhausted all tricks, so he became angry.

In addition, the news of the Whistleblower Movement and the influence of the New Federal State of China in countries around the world made Qin Gang, the CCP’s diplomatic gang, and the Shanghai Gang feel deep fear and helplessness. Mr. Miles Guo said through revealing the antidote in the news, the New Federal State of China and the revolution have united more comrades in arms, and the whole world will firmly support the New Federal State of China and will eliminate the evil CCP from the face of the earth.

Reference: https://gtv.org/video/id=61323dbaed01d564561dc2b8

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