With No Notice, Beijing Closed American Chamber of Commerce In Chengdu


September 01, 2021

US and China relations have been strained by mutual distrust. CREDIT:AP

In the article from The Age on September 1, 2021, Beijing authorities have directed the American Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China in Chengdu to stop operations, according to the officer of the organisation.

The decision to stop its operations was made by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs on Monday without a specific reason, according to Reuters.  

An official of the U.S. State Department urged Chinese authorities to work with the Chamber to resolve related issues and commented that, “This closure is only the latest example of how the PRC’s (PRC: People’s Republic of China) opaque and arbitrary regulatory environment is contributing to an investment climate that is increasingly hostile towards foreign businesses.”

To read the source, please click : China shutters American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu

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