Words From Miles | Posters serial (105)


The Chinese have been telling lies blindfolded for seventy years,permitting the CCP and allowed the CCP that has really gone crazy. “Belt and Road,” “2025,” “2035,” “2049.” “Taking the pulse of the world” and “prescribing remedies for the world” and then wanting to direct how to govern the world.

—— Miles Guo December 4,2020

All capitalism, the Western market, relies on one word – “monopoly”! What does the Chinese Communist Party rely on? Bribing! It is to use the power of the nation to bribe, no bottom line. So now the world’s karma is coming.

—— Miles Guo December 4,2020

This virus is more powerful than any nuclear weapon, silent, cheap, invisible, untouchable, and everywhere. The only chance for everyone to survive is to be ten thousand times more careful with the virus!

—— Miles Guo December 6,2020

What is self-help, only help yourself then you can be eligible to help others, your past benevolence, integrity this time all take on the stage, all to be tested.

—— Miles Guo December 8,2020

In these future generations, it will be necessary to adapt to a new model of human life, a new financial system, a new political system, and a reconsolidation of faith.

—— Miles Guo December 11,2020