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Never, ever remember that loyalty and credibility serve strength. When you figure this out, you won’t have any such thing as a feeling of betrayal.

—— Miles Guo January 1,2021

A strong man is tough on himself but not on others; a forgiving man forgives others but not himself.

—— Miles Guo January 4,2021

Because for the past 70 years, or the past few hundred years, from World War II to today, mankind has had too many delusions, too many so-called great expectations, but selectively ignored the challenges and darkness, so that darkness and challenges have stayed with us at this time.

—— Miles Guo January 6,2021

We do not want to be naive, including Whistleblower Movement, follow our passions and faith do not follow the man!

—— Miles Guo January 6,2021

The most frightening thing in this world is selfishness and delusions.

—— Miles Guo January 7,2021