[Words From Miles] | Posters serial (90)


Cracking down the CCP spy by law have significant meaning, this is a test of courage and wisdom for the fellow fighters.

—— Miles Guo September 26, 2020

Everything in the Chinese community is the opposite, the worldwide cracking down the CCP spy is the exercise of Chinese people to have courage and justice. The police don’t have the power to judge right or wrong, it’s up to the judge to decide, the Chinese are always afraid of the police. We need to understand what the New Federal State of China looks like without the CCP.

—— Miles Guo September 26, 2020

Only when you are strong and obey the law, the money is yours , the money is yours only when it is spent. What is not yours will go back sooner or later. Don’t take the devil’s path or false path.

—— Miles Guo September 27, 2020

All Chinese culture religious beliefs everything comes from the culture of the family and family relations. Family politics, family economics is what every Chinese has to face.

—— Miles Guo March 8 2021

Truth and false,good and evil are the core foundation of family political relations, family economic relations, and family relationships.

—— Miles Guo March 10 2021