Xi Jinping to Establish Beijing Stock Exchange, Aiming at the Shanghai Gang


By MOS Education Team – Sarahyy

On September 2, Xi Jin-ping announced to establish a stock exchange in Beijing.  It will establish a tripartite confrontation among Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Beijing Stock Exchange in security trading in the future.

The CCP official media reported that Beijing Stock Exchange’s establishment is mainly for serving the small-medium innovative business entities. It also helps to attract the Chinese companies that are de-listing from the U.S. market. However, Xi has never been a supporter of small-medium size businesses, which were compelled to bankrupt by his “country advance and people retreat” policy.  The returning de-listings companies have choices of Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges that the new establishment is not necessary. Xi, Jin-ping’s move thus is purely political rather than economic consideration.

Mr. Miles Guo has exposed in live broadcast on September 1, 2021 that more than 3,000 people had been arrested in Shanghai from March to May this year.  It involved keymen in Jiang’s “Financial Gang” from Ping-an Group, Bank of Shanghai, Shanghai Electric, etc.  Therefore, the establishment of Beijing Stock Exchange is another big move of Xi to siege the “Shanghai Gang”. He aims at gaining total control of financial power and using Beijing as the financial centre to replace Shanghai.

Proof-read and Posted by Paratrooper

Source: https://www.voachinese.com/a/China-to-set-up-Beijing-stock-exchange-for-SMEs-according-to-Xi-20210902/6192462.html