YouTube bans Steve Bannon’s podcast channel hours after Rudy Giuliani appeared


Editor: Ana

Auditor: Lorenzo

According to a report by The Hill at noon on January 9, YouTube recently removed the “War Room” podcast channel of former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon (Stephen Bannon) from its platform (Podcast). The ban came into place just hours after Rudy Giuliani had appeared on “War Room.”

Let’s read what Mr. Giuliani said in the interview:

Mr. Giuliani said : “What happened here is extremely terrible, it should never happen again. But to blame it on Donald Trump and on Donald Trump supporters is like blaming BLM on people who rightfully protest the murder of black people unjustifiably. And we were very willing to say when there’s the terrible rioting and looting but the vast majority of the crowd and the public officials talking to the crowd about justice and even taking measures to assure justice. That could be interpreted as violence, but they’re not responsible for the few people who go crazy. This happened to us 50 times. We’re dealing with a man who has very strong convictions and very strong beliefs, which is something , again that the hateful media either has never understood about them or has never conveyed. They think he’s a transactional President who just goes from one issue to another. They don’t realize he’s rooted in a great love of America. He’s rooted in a firm conviction that he’s had for 20 or 30 years that the American establishment has become almost more and more of an oligarchy, almost each year excluding more and more people. And as you saw during the campaign , he took up the role of being the champion of the people who are excluded quite naturally. Because that’s where he was for most of the 20-25 years, he was out of the politics, if you read the things he wrote, the speeches that he gave at which I was present, often because I gave speeches with him. There’s a core conviction here , that there are a whole group of Americans that are put upon that are treated as second class, third class, you can hear it, you can just hear it in the language of all of them whether it’s Joe Scarborough, or you know whether people who live in the trailers that we are deplorable or we are people that are more ignorant than they are or maybe there’s something wrong with us. If you consider that crowd the other day. I don’t know how many people 100,000 or 200,000. Okay, so a minuscule percentage that can almost not even be quantified, of people that went to the capitol which means that if there were 400,000 people , none of them were incited to do anything. And a few 100 people who probably couldn’t even hear him because they were so far back, went and did whatever they did. Most of them having come there with implements to do it and also led on by people from, you know, groups that are experts at it. Believe me, Trump people were not scaling the wall. So , there’s nothing to do it that he incited anything.”